WOD (Back Problems)

One of my trouble zones…..?

My back!

Here’s my Workout of the Day (targeting back while adding cardio intervals for a metabolism boost/fat blast)

Run 1 mile

25 pull-ups

25 sit-ups

(Repeat for a total of 3 rounds)

100 kettle bell swings

25 sit-ups


Happy Monday!



Train Different

In the last two weeks I have been focusing on training differently. I don’t mean that in the usual slogan way it’s so often used in now, I mean it relative to myself. I’ve often made cardio (lots of cardio) the focus of my workout routines. No matter how many articles I read, or times I was told that the balance between cardio and strength training was key, I couldn’t get myself to decrease my cardio. Instead, I kept my high amount of cardio and increased strength training as my way of “balancing” and obsessing about calorie burn.

I don’t know exactly how I convinced myself to finally train differently, but I did. I’m on week 2 of less cardio, more strength training, and the biggest change…HEAVY weights (even if it means very few reps). I’m working on overall strength and muscle building! It’s definitely been a challenge to leave the gym after very little or even no cardio for the day! My husband has had to talk me out of/drag me out of the gym while I’m making a plead for “just a quick 20 minutes on the treadmill”. This hasn’t been easy for me, but I’m really trying this as new way to train. Strength training builds muscle which burns more fat throughout the day while you’re already. That’s different than cardio which burns calories at the gym, but doesn’t keep your body on the same type of calorie burning mode for much longer after your workout. Plus, I want a leaner and more toned body, so I’m giving this a go!

Anyone else struggle with a cardio/strength training balance? Any other FEMALES formerly afraid that lifting the really heavy weights would make you big?