Wear Protection

As summer quickly approaches and we all get excited about spending more time outdoors, I remind you to PROTECT your skin from cancer with sunscreen! Being told that you or a loved one has developed skin cancer is a scary and difficult thing to be told! It’s a difficult time for the person diagnosed and their loved ones, especially if it is melanoma (most dangerous type). I recently did more research on skin cancer to answer all the questions I was left with! Why? How? Is it curable?

Just know that skin cancer is on the rise! It’s the most common form of cancer in the U.S. Research shows that 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. And no matter what type of cancer, it’s a scary thing to go through! So use protection! We often remember to wear sunscreen when going to the beach or a pool, but if you’re like me, we often don’t realize how much we are outdoors on most days (well weekends at least!). That’s why I’m specifically thinking of reminding you all about sunscreen for your face. A DAILY sunscreen! I was told that we should wear sunscreen on our face everyday with an SPF of 30.

My daily moisturizer only had 15 (still better than none), but 30 is highly recommended.
I now make sure to use daily moisturizer under my powder or use a tinted moisturizer for non-makeup days with SPF of 30. I own products by Bobbi Brown and Aveeno for these purposes and personally love them. I’m sure there’s tons of good ones out there! Make sure you use one!

Final message: Wear protection!