GreEnergizer Protein Smoothie

There’s nothing like an intense morning workout to get your day started. I feel great and ready to conquer the day after a good workout, but I also know that my day is just starting and my scheduled workload/plans/errands for the day is plentiful…..I need protein AND coffee! My recovering muscles need the protein. My brain wants coffee. And my skin loves the benefits of greens. So here’s how I keep my whole self happy after a day-starting-workout session:



Smoothie Prep

One of the ways that I prepare for the busy week, is by preparing some snacks and foods ahead of time. Smoothie prepping is part of my weekly preparation. Having frozen goodies ready to blend into healthy smoothies makes it easier to stay on track! Today, my prepping included strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and mangos. Summer time is the perfect season for these fruits! They tend to be very sweet and inexpensive this time of year! Mango in my smoothies is one of my new favorites! Mango blends so deliciously with kale! Add some banana, or maybe some peaches to it and you’ve got yourself a winning combination! …..of course you still include your protein, healthy fats, and all that….. Remember the green smoothie building post from a few weeks ago!

Since I never know what type of smoothie I’m going to be in the mood for, my smoothie prepping is different than what I’ve seen done by others. Instead of making one bag with the combos predetermined, I make packs of small fruit portions. For example, I divide each mango into 3 snack packs. I also cut my bananas in thirds before I freeze them. This way, I can decide how much banana at the moment of making my smoothie instead of being stuck with a whole banana. Similarly, I can still grab 3 of my mango packs if I want an entire mango in my smoothie, or just one pack if i want to combine it with other options. This way works well for me because it makes building each smoothie a time to experiment and get creative with the endless possibilities!