Mind the Gap.

I’ve recently become more aware of this “thigh gap” phenomenon. Do you know what it is? Well I heard it on KTLA 5 morning news a few months ago, and then started hearing women talking about it around me (at least I suddenly started hearing it, probably since I had just become aware of the idea), and then came across it online.

So apparently there’s been a rise in the amount of women, especially young ladies and teens, seeking plastic surgery to create a gap between their thighs! The same gap seen on Victoria Secret models, and other models for that purpose. You know what I’m talking about! That space between their legs that’s about 2-3 inches of thin air which you could see right through!


This is crazy to me! I mean, ok, I can understand not wanting fat or jiggly thighs. I can understand not wanting thighs that rub together. But plastic surgery for a gap like this? So unrealistic! You do know they go on 10 day liquid diets before runway shows such as these right?! I rather eat and have my thighs!

Thighs can be a difficult area to target, slim down, and tightened! That’s for sure! But it’s possible! Create your own natural healthy gap ladies! I’ll post exercises on this next!

Below is one of the articles I came across. It actually clarifies that there has NOT been a rise in the demands for this procedure, but rather that it has ALWAYS been popular.