Abs and Booty Make an Appearance by Labor Day…..

Whatever your plans for Labor Day weekend are, you might want to bring your abs and best booty with you. So here’s your chance. 30 days. Commit!



You’re On Your Way

The road might feel long and slow, but it’s a sure way there.

Be strong.
Stay motivated.

Happy August healthy friends! Start the month by setting some goals!

My August goals?
1. Drink 10 cups of water per day.
2. Take 2 rest days.
3. Eat more clean meats.

(Courtesy of my good friend Jamie!)

Wake Up

Wake up.
Kick ass.

My blog now has an exercise page! Go on and get inspired for today’s ass kicking!

P.S. I’ll be adding to it so that you have an awesome selection of crossfit inspired workouts you can pick and choose from regularly!

Now go on….. Kick ass!

Betty Rocker’s 30 Day Challenge

I have to say that week 3 and 4 of this challenge were really good! The workouts were challenging and fun to do! I definitely learned some new exercises to incorporate in my regular workout routines. Did anyone else stick with this challenge and find it to be a WONDERFUL and well planned out challenge? Betty Rocker is amazing! She is very talented and cares a lot about her followers!

If you haven’t already checked out her stuff I definitely recommend it!

In 4 weeks, I toned my abs in new places! I must admit I was skeptical when I started the first week, but damn! I have been following the progress of other fellow challengers and some of them had some CRAZY transformations! Mine was subtle, but because I took a BEFORE and AFTER photo, I have proof of the change in my abs! Had I not taken the photos, I probably wouldn’t have even known I made the progress. What is even crazier….? I GAINED ONE pound in the 4 weeks! I GAINED a pound but got LEANER in my abs?! WEIRD! I KNOW! But I’m telling you, I have the photos to prove it! This challenge has pushed me out of my comfort zone! I have been eating more and learning about a whole new eating lifestyle. I added 300 calories to my daily caloric intake, so a gain of only one pound really isn’t anything! I’m working on rebuilding my metabolism.

Anyway, I’ll share about my WHOLE NEW eating lifestyle soon. For now, I just want to say THANKS BETTY ROCKER! And if any of you stuck this challenge through, I’d love to hear your feedback!

Also, Betty plans to run this challenge AGAIN! So yes! I’ll let you all know when it’s starting again!



Some of my new favorite moves:

plank with legs lifts (1 minute)

2 count push-ups (1 minute)

bear crunch (1 minute)

Lets Talk Plank

With Memorial Day Weekend around the corner and summer right around the next corner, lets supplement our 30 Day Squat Challenge with some core exercises for a bikini ready bod!

Personally, I cheat my abs most of the year until it’s close to bikini season. I often just throw in a few core/ab exercises at the end of my workouts most of the year since I spend way too much time on the cardio and upper body routines. However, this year I’ve tried to be better to my core by starting earlier. I started a “honeymoon abs” routine with my husband a few weeks ago so I’ve done a lot of abs research and Pinterest-ing lately. Abs is one of those muscle groups with tons of mixed research about “how much” and “how often” is right for flat chiseled abs. Personally, I’ve decided that 5 times a week is right for me. Your core can be targeted more often than other muscle groups, but your “rest” days are just as essential as the abs training days! Choose between 3-5 times per week based on your fitness level.

We can review different abs circuits and try various challenges in the near future to prepare for summer. For now, lets talk about the BEST core/ab exercise there is….. THE PLANK!

The Plank is one of my favorite exercises. Not because it’s easy, but because it gets the best results! Research suggests that planks are better than crunches because they target your entire core- the surface muscles, the deeper muscles, the obliques, your arms, legs, and your lower back!

So if you don’t already incorporate planks into your workouts, NOW is the time to start. If you already plank, I encourage you to work on holding them longer! If you only do the traditional high planks and low planks, I challenge you to try some variations! Side planks, knee twist planks, rotation planks, elevated planks, leg lift planks! Plank it up!

What’s your plank baseline? What’s the average amount of time you can CURRENTLY hold a plank with proper form? Share your stats with me so that we can push and challenge one another to a stronger core!