Fluffy PROTEIN Pancakes


As requested, I’m sharing my protein packed pancake recipe for two! 🙂

But first some info on how I came up with this….. I’m always looking for a way to create a recipe for something that tastes good and is high in nutritional value (especially protein) while being low in calories. The reason I made this recipe this way is because I wanted the best ratio of calories to protein I could create while actally getting a pancake out of it! So with that being said, yes this is a delicious pancake recipe with great nutrition. And yes, u can still get an even fluffier and tastier pancake if a few more calories isn’t a big deal for you. I’m sharing my recipe for the way you can make them with the fewest caloric value without compromising fluff and taste. I will also share a way to make them with a few added calories. Use this as a guide for creating the right ratio of calories to protein for yourself!

Also, as always…. Be creative! This is a vanilla protein powder pancake recipe, but you can use your chocolate protein, your strawberry, your peanut butter flavored protein, any protein powder!


I made mine with PB2 and sugar free strawberry jam! Turned out delicious!



My Healthy Version of Pancake Goodness

I love pancakes and anything sweet for breakfast! And I happened to have a huge bag of chocolate chips that I wanted to start using already, so I decided to experiment with a healthy version of chocolate chip pancakes! I’ve modified pancake recipes several times but this is my all around most modified version for a lower calorie, more nutritious batter. I decided to use oats instead of my whole wheat flour and Greek yogurt for a denser more protein packed pancake! These choices kept my batter low in calories! Try them! I think you’ll really enjoy them!