Cinco de Mayo Healthy-fied: Swaps for a Healthier Celebration


Cinco de Mayo is this Sunday and I know many people like to celebrate with Mexican inspired foods and cocktails. I know that’s how I’ll be spending my Sunday!

Here’s a few “healthier” swap ideas that you might want to consider for your celebration:

  • First, if home cooked Mexican food and homemade cocktails is an option, consider it! It’s a sure way to consume fewer calories!
  • Did you know that the average restaurant blended/frozen margarita is considerably higher in sugar and calories than a margarita on the rocks?
  • Know how to order a healthier margarita? Pass on the ones with sweet and sour mixes that are loaded with additional agave nectar. Ask your server, for tequila with triple sec, a splash of club soda, and limes 🙂
  • Chips and guacamole? Try sticking to salsa for fewer calories.
  • Steak? Try a leaner meat like chicken or fish (only if not battered and fried)
  • If you still choose steak, choose a meat that is grilled or roasted rather than cooked and marinated in a skillet with fats and oils. Grilled or roasted chicken or fish might still be even better if watching fat content and calories.
  • Beans? Make them whole black beans, not re-fried.
  • Rice? Maybe you can switch it out for grilled veggies or a salad.
  • Burrito? Chances are the tacos are a better option. Corn tortillas have fewer calories, and unlike burritos you probably won’t be stuffing your tacos with more carbs like the rice and beans traditionally put in a burrito. Or just get the burrito bowl?
  • Taquitos? Go with the tacos. Taquitos are fried and chances are you already ate the fried tortilla chips with salsa while waiting for your food to arrive.

Hope these swaps are helpful and inspire you to stay on track with your goals without even knowing it! Psychological games!

Have a beautiful Friday and FUN Cinco de Mayo!