30 Days of Squats and Crunches

You committed to the August challenge already, right?! Don’t fall behind!


Happy Monday!


Betty Rocker’s 30 Day Challenge

I have to say that week 3 and 4 of this challenge were really good! The workouts were challenging and fun to do! I definitely learned some new exercises to incorporate in my regular workout routines. Did anyone else stick with this challenge and find it to be a WONDERFUL and well planned out challenge? Betty Rocker is amazing! She is very talented and cares a lot about her followers!

If you haven’t already checked out her stuff I definitely recommend it!

In 4 weeks, I toned my abs in new places! I must admit I was skeptical when I started the first week, but damn! I have been following the progress of other fellow challengers and some of them had some CRAZY transformations! Mine was subtle, but because I took a BEFORE and AFTER photo, I have proof of the change in my abs! Had I not taken the photos, I probably wouldn’t have even known I made the progress. What is even crazier….? I GAINED ONE pound in the 4 weeks! I GAINED a pound but got LEANER in my abs?! WEIRD! I KNOW! But I’m telling you, I have the photos to prove it! This challenge has pushed me out of my comfort zone! I have been eating more and learning about a whole new eating lifestyle. I added 300 calories to my daily caloric intake, so a gain of only one pound really isn’t anything! I’m working on rebuilding my metabolism.

Anyway, I’ll share about my WHOLE NEW eating lifestyle soon. For now, I just want to say THANKS BETTY ROCKER! And if any of you stuck this challenge through, I’d love to hear your feedback!

Also, Betty plans to run this challenge AGAIN! So yes! I’ll let you all know when it’s starting again!



Some of my new favorite moves:

plank with legs lifts (1 minute)

2 count push-ups (1 minute)

bear crunch (1 minute)

Core Workouts (from Pinterest)

Happy Wednesday! Stay healthy and motivated! What’s keeping you motivated this week?! I’m motivated by my new bathing suits! New bathing suits and my upcoming honeymoon vacation!

As I’ve shared before, I’ve been dedicating some extra time to my abs over the last 2 months. Here’s two circuits I’ve found on Pinterest and have enjoyed more than other ones I’ve tried! Try them and let me know what you think!



Squats and Planks

I’m glad to have received a number of messages and comments from so many of you that decided to join the 30 day squat challenge as well as the plank personal best challenge!

I hope you’re all still just as motivated and already feeling stronger! I’m on day 26 of the squat challenge and feeling great! I’ve been asked if my rear is looking “as advertised” and all i have to say is that I’m very happy with my results these last 3.5 weeks! I’ve got a rear to prove that I’ve done the work! Do you???? I’ve taken the challenge and made it more challenging for myself as well as more fun by adding dumbbells, bicep curls, shoulder presses, and even doing them slowly on a bosu ball. I mix up my circuits between doing high reps and low reps with deeper slower squats. I encourage you to have fun with your squats and do what’s best for you!

As far as my plank, I have not re-tested my longest plank yet, but I have been targeting my core with new exercises and higher reps with less rest. I’ve continued to target my core 5/week and can see some new definition in my abs! Hard work pays off! Stay motivated!

Keep telling me your progress! You can share it with me privately ¬†OR WITH ALL OF US on this blog to help keep us all motivated! That’s my whole purpose for starting this blog! WE ALL WORK TOGETHER to motivate each other to be stronger and healthier!

Eat Protein.

So you want to lose weight by burning fat and building muscle. You want a toned body and flat abs. I know that I want all the above! So how do we do this? Yes, exercise, but probably more important is eating right!

Calories: The first obvious thing we all know to do is reduce our caloric intake. Experts say you can figure out your suggested caloric intake for weight loss by multiplying your current body weight in pounds by 9-13. This will give you the amount of calories suggested for weight loss. Initially, you want to start by multiplying your weight by 13 and as weeks progress and weight loss begins, you should progress to multiplying your body weight by 12, 11, and so forth.

Now eat protein! Protein intake needs to be high when your goals are related to building lean muscle and sculpted abs. Protein helps you build muscle and stay full longer when creating your calorie deficits for fat loss. Nutrition experts suggest you consume 0.8 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. So to calculate your suggested protein intake multiply your weight by 0.8 -1.5. This will give you the amount of grams of protein you should be shooting for daily. If you multiply your targeted grams of protein by 4, you get the number of your calories that will come from protein daily.

Example: 150 pound person:
calorie intake: 150 x 13= 1,950 calories

Protein intake: 150 x 0.8 = 120 grams of protein

Calories from protein: 120 x 4= 480 calories from protein daily.

This a list of some of MY favorite high protein sources:

Chicken breast
Peanut butter
Almond butter
Fat free Greek yogurt
1% fat cottage cheese
Whey protein powder
Flax seed
Egg whites

Hope this is helpful and inspires you to revamp your daily menu to increase your protein intake!

What are YOUR favorite sources of protein?

Happy Monday!