Flexible Dieting 101

The goal of this post is to shed some light on the concept of flexible dieting. There’s a lot of information you can find online about this concept; some better than others. However, this post is to tell you about MY use of the concept and MY experience.

For me, flexible dieting has been a way to stop cheating on my diet. With flexible dieting, foods are not banned or restricted. As a matter of fact that, they are encouraged in moderation. Think about it…. don’t you crave chocolate, chips, cookies, ice cream, etc the moment you tell yourself they are forbidden because you’re on a diet? Why not make changes in the way you eat to allow for healthier options while still making it absolutely okay to have the pizza or cookies you love?

With flexible dieting, I am able to focus on my overall intake and making that work for my fitness goals, rather than each and every meal having to be “clean”. Clean eating is great! And yes, it’s an effective way to lose weight, but without cheat meals or cheat days, it became an easy way for me to drive myself crazy! On top of that, it was a way of sabotaging so much of my progress because cheat meals turned into cheat days, and even food binges.

Now I focus on all the things I crave and that my little heart desires by adding them into my diet in moderation. When I know I want a huge serving of frozen yogurt and toppings, I balance out the rest of my day with options that have less sugar and carbs. When I know I want a hefty serving of peanut butter or already had the hefty serving, I plan the rest of my intake around smaller amounts of fats. The best thing is that all the negativity and guilt i had around eating my favorite food is gone! When you plan and make the necessary modifications, you don’t need to feel bad for eating your favorite food! When you plan and make the adaptations to satisfy your cravings, you stay on track with your goals. There’s no sabotaging or cheating involved. And when it’s so easy to plan to do the same thing again, you don’t need to binge and get it all down your mouth at once in fear that the next time you allow yourself to “cheat” is too far out in the future to be foreseeable!




High Intensity Interval Training should be a part of your workout regimen 2-3 times a week. That’s of course, if you are seeking a fast, efficient, and fun way to burn the maximum amount of fat in the least amount of time!

HIIT has been shown to increase your metabolic rate, burn maximum calories during your workout, and to keep your body in fat burning mode for several hours after your workout!

I use to spend endless hours a week on the treadmill and elliptical machine trying to burn calories with insane amounts of cardio. Little did I know that I was wasting my time. Now I spend more time with the weights and approximately 25 minutes (2-3 times a week) doing cardio! What a life changer!

So what exactly is HIIT (high intensity interval training)? HIIT training is an EFFECTIVE FAT-BURNING way of increasing your metabolic rate and building lean muscle tissue while burning fat. The idea is to alternate between periods of INTENSE effort with periods of moderate-to-low efforts. Studies have shown that you burn more calories during AND after your 20 minute HIIT circuit than you do in 20 minutes of doing cardio at a steady pace. With HIIT, your body has an after-burn effect that can last up to 48 hours after your workout! Now you can use your extra time to hit the weights… BAAAAM! HOT BOD in the making!

An EXAMPLE of a way I HIIT:

warmup: brisk walk/light jog

alternate between 3.0 and 8.0 speeds every 40-60 seconds.

Cool down

Keep in mind that this is an example for the treadmill, but the elliptical, stair master, and stationary bike are ALL fair game for HIIT!

At my fitness level, I make my low effort periods 15-30 seconds shorter than my high intensity periods. Try it out and play with a variety of speeds and time frames. I think you’ll find this to be a fun and exciting way to workout! It’s rewarding to see your speed and stamina begin to improve with this training method!

I’d love to hear about your experience with HIIT! Please share!

September’s 30 Day Challenge

I came across this graphic and want to challenge you all to strong and sexy arms! I chose this one because it’s straight forward, can be done in just a few minutes of your day, AND BECAUSE THERE IS NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED! Meaning what?! NO EXCUSES!

Ready?! We start on Sunday, September 1st!


On days 1-15 we will be doing TWO sets of the push-ups/planks/chair dips.
On days 16-130, we will do THREE sets of the listed reps.

Have fun!

Wake Up

Wake up.
Kick ass.

My blog now has an exercise page! Go on and get inspired for today’s ass kicking!

P.S. I’ll be adding to it so that you have an awesome selection of crossfit inspired workouts you can pick and choose from regularly!

Now go on….. Kick ass!

Betty Rocker’s 30 Day Challenge

I have to say that week 3 and 4 of this challenge were really good! The workouts were challenging and fun to do! I definitely learned some new exercises to incorporate in my regular workout routines. Did anyone else stick with this challenge and find it to be a WONDERFUL and well planned out challenge? Betty Rocker is amazing! She is very talented and cares a lot about her followers!

If you haven’t already checked out her stuff I definitely recommend it!

In 4 weeks, I toned my abs in new places! I must admit I was skeptical when I started the first week, but damn! I have been following the progress of other fellow challengers and some of them had some CRAZY transformations! Mine was subtle, but because I took a BEFORE and AFTER photo, I have proof of the change in my abs! Had I not taken the photos, I probably wouldn’t have even known I made the progress. What is even crazier….? I GAINED ONE pound in the 4 weeks! I GAINED a pound but got LEANER in my abs?! WEIRD! I KNOW! But I’m telling you, I have the photos to prove it! This challenge has pushed me out of my comfort zone! I have been eating more and learning about a whole new eating lifestyle. I added 300 calories to my daily caloric intake, so a gain of only one pound really isn’t anything! I’m working on rebuilding my metabolism.

Anyway, I’ll share about my WHOLE NEW eating lifestyle soon. For now, I just want to say THANKS BETTY ROCKER! And if any of you stuck this challenge through, I’d love to hear your feedback!

Also, Betty plans to run this challenge AGAIN! So yes! I’ll let you all know when it’s starting again!



Some of my new favorite moves:

plank with legs lifts (1 minute)

2 count push-ups (1 minute)

bear crunch (1 minute)