30 Days of Squats and Crunches

You committed to the August challenge already, right?! Don’t fall behind!


Happy Monday!



Here’s my workout of the day…

It’s called Murph:

Run 1 mile

100 pull-ups

200 push ups

300 squats

Run 1 mile

I completed this workout yesterday and felt great after! My legs were a little shaky and required lots of pre and post workout stretching. Today I’m only mildly feel-good-sore.

The idea is to complete the entire workout as fast as you can, so start by running your fastest mile. Then move on to the pull-ups, push ups, in squats. You can complete these in any order, style, or pattern you want. For me, it made more sense to start on the squats right away in order to break up the 300 reps by alternating between my sets of pull-ups and push ups. Also, it is important to modify everything to your own strength and fitness levels, so I am not ashamed to admit that I wanted to complete this workout but knew I had to modify to assisted pull-ups and to push ups on my knees. Then FINISH with one last mile!

Dare to try it?  Remember to stretch, modify as needed, and go as fast as you can! Let me know how it goes!

Day 32 of 30 Day Squat Challenge

I completed my challenge! It took me 32 days because I listened to my body along the way and added 2 extra rest days after realizing I was too beat from the prior day’s bootcamp workouts I’ve been taking sporadically.

I will be completely honest….. It worked! I’m very happy with with my results in what really is a short amount of time! Just 4 weeks and I can see and feel a difference. From what I can remember, I really felt the first difference in week 2, and the next big difference again around day 24. Today, on day 30/day 32 I’ve decided my squat journey doesn’t end here.

Squats are a very effective workout because they not only raise your heart rate and work as a cardiovascular exercise for weight loss, they also target so many parts of your legs. Squats do an excellent job at targeting the gluteus, hamstrings, and quads. My legs feel and look stronger and more toned. I’m going to be coming up with a way of incorporating squats into my regular workout routine. Maybe 2-3 times a week? I’ll keep you all posted on my new endeavor and offer it as a suggestion for those of your currently on the squat challenge and seeing a perkier rear end! 🙂


Squats and Planks

I’m glad to have received a number of messages and comments from so many of you that decided to join the 30 day squat challenge as well as the plank personal best challenge!

I hope you’re all still just as motivated and already feeling stronger! I’m on day 26 of the squat challenge and feeling great! I’ve been asked if my rear is looking “as advertised” and all i have to say is that I’m very happy with my results these last 3.5 weeks! I’ve got a rear to prove that I’ve done the work! Do you???? I’ve taken the challenge and made it more challenging for myself as well as more fun by adding dumbbells, bicep curls, shoulder presses, and even doing them slowly on a bosu ball. I mix up my circuits between doing high reps and low reps with deeper slower squats. I encourage you to have fun with your squats and do what’s best for you!

As far as my plank, I have not re-tested my longest plank yet, but I have been targeting my core with new exercises and higher reps with less rest. I’ve continued to target my core 5/week and can see some new definition in my abs! Hard work pays off! Stay motivated!

Keep telling me your progress! You can share it with me privately  OR WITH ALL OF US on this blog to help keep us all motivated! That’s my whole purpose for starting this blog! WE ALL WORK TOGETHER to motivate each other to be stronger and healthier!

Squat Challenge- Day 11 of 30

Squat challenge I “publicly” posted this squat challenge on instagram 11 days ago with the intention of psychologically imposing accountability on myself for completing it just in time for my honeymoon. So here I am 11 days later and I can happily report that I’ve followed it and have yet to feel sore. Does my rear look as good as hers? No, but I do feel some sort of difference which is keeping me motivated to complete the rest of the challenge. 110 squats is still very manageable and actually easy at the end of an hour workout for a religious gym-goer such as myself so I’m starting to wonder if this will truly be a “challenge”. No excuses though, I’m seeing this one through. Keep posted for updates on soreness and how closely my rear is to looking like hers!