My Cup of Tea.

I don’t think that this is new information. I’m sure you’ve heard all about the special powers of green tea. So this is more of a friendly reminder as to why green tea should be part of your daily routine!


Green tea also:
Strengthens your immune system
Lowers cholesterol
Reduces inflammation
Aids proper digestion
Contains powerful antioxidants
Lessens the risk of cancer
Helps clear up acne
(From what I’ve read online)

In all honesty, I crave my latte more than my green tea, but I try hard to switch to green tea often. I take it hot, iced, or in latte form. And today, I’ve tried something new. I made it a part of my mid morning snack by using brewed green tea as the base for my smoothie! I used a cup of strongly brewed green tea that I let cool. Once my tea was cool, I blended it with some greek yogurt and berries for a delicious, metabolism boosting, fat burning, sweet caffeine treat!