Have Your Mugcake and Eat it too!

It only takes 60 seconds to make a mugcake! So what are you waiting for to have this protein packed treat???

Recipes are posted! Indulge!




Banana Split Oatmeal Recipe


Who said breakfast had to be boring to be healthy?!?!

Turn your oatmeal superfood into an even more delicious treat with my newest creation! If you’re like me, you’ll be so excited to wake up in the morning so you could eat!!!!

I made the delicious creation above by prepping some overnight oats.

1/2 cup old fashioned oats or 1/4 cup steal cut oats. Covered it with almond milk and sprinkled some cinnamon. In the morning, I dumped my ready overnight oats into a bowl, topped with 1/2 a banana (split lengthwise), a few sliced strawberries, drizzled it with sugar free chocolate syrup (times 2!), and a few walnuts. Oh what a delightful way to start a morning!

Can’t wait to have hear how yours turned out!!!

Fluffy PROTEIN Pancakes


As requested, I’m sharing my protein packed pancake recipe for two! 🙂

But first some info on how I came up with this….. I’m always looking for a way to create a recipe for something that tastes good and is high in nutritional value (especially protein) while being low in calories. The reason I made this recipe this way is because I wanted the best ratio of calories to protein I could create while actally getting a pancake out of it! So with that being said, yes this is a delicious pancake recipe with great nutrition. And yes, u can still get an even fluffier and tastier pancake if a few more calories isn’t a big deal for you. I’m sharing my recipe for the way you can make them with the fewest caloric value without compromising fluff and taste. I will also share a way to make them with a few added calories. Use this as a guide for creating the right ratio of calories to protein for yourself!

Also, as always…. Be creative! This is a vanilla protein powder pancake recipe, but you can use your chocolate protein, your strawberry, your peanut butter flavored protein, any protein powder!


I made mine with PB2 and sugar free strawberry jam! Turned out delicious!


My Healthy Version of Pancake Goodness

I love pancakes and anything sweet for breakfast! And I happened to have a huge bag of chocolate chips that I wanted to start using already, so I decided to experiment with a healthy version of chocolate chip pancakes! I’ve modified pancake recipes several times but this is my all around most modified version for a lower calorie, more nutritious batter. I decided to use oats instead of my whole wheat flour and Greek yogurt for a denser more protein packed pancake! These choices kept my batter low in calories! Try them! I think you’ll really enjoy them!




Grab Breakfast!

Did you know…..?

Research shows that people who eat breakfast within an hour of waking up boost their metabolism and tend to consume fewer calories by the end of the day. That’s compared to an individual that skips breakfast with excuses such as, they aren’t hungry, they “don’t have enough time to eat breakfast”, or they skip breakfast with the idea of saving calories for later in the day to “lose weight”. Turns out skipping breakfast is an easy way to sabotage your diet.

I’m definitely a culprit of skipping breakfast. I tend to wait 2 hours or more to eat my “breakfast” and do often find myself hungrier and making poorer choices out of ravenous hunger! I’m working on breaking this bad habit.

Do you have this bad habit as well? What’s your reason?

Lets all focus on starting our mornings off right with a breakfast of approximately 250-350 calories. Breakfast should be a healthy combination of complex carbs, fiber, and protein.

Good choices to incorporate into your breakfast menu: (mix and combine some of these for the right amounts of nutrients and calories for yourself)

Whole wheat toast/English muffin
Peanut butter
Almond butter
Lean turkey/sausage patties
Cottage cheese
Protein shake
High fiber cereals

Mix and match your carbs with fiber and protein!

Have a Fabulous Tuesday!

Eat well 🙂

Superfood Oatmeal


I love oatmeal for breakfast, so it’s a good thing it’s considered a superfood. Oatmeal is a whole grain, rich in fiber, fat fighting, flat belly food; for these reasons, I like to get creative with my favorite breakfast food! I’ve made oatmeal with countless topping variations! Walnuts, almonds, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, brown sugar, cinnamon, Nutella, with peanut butter and jelly, mixed with protein powder, blended into my protein shake, in a slow cooker, baked, over night refrigerator oats, with water, with milk, the possibilities are endlessly delicious.

Today I want to tell you about my LOWEST calorie oatmeal concoction. Not saying it’s the most delicious, just the lowest calorie for those calorie counting days. I call it my “Mexican Hot Chocolate Oats”. Does it really taste like Mexican hot chocolate? I think so! Or am I just playing more psychological games on myself? You be the judge!

Mexican Hot Chocolate Oats
1/2 old fashioned oats
1 cup of water (unsweetened almond milk is a good option for an additional 30 calories)
A dash of cinnamon (always a good idea to add this metabolism boosting spice)
1 tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder (I like Hershey’s)
1 tsp of light brown sugar
2 stevia packets (1 packet can be enough but I like things sweet!)

1 serving
170 calories

I keep it simple by microwaving my oatmeal at 50 percent power for a slower cooked, less mushy result.

I think it’s the combination of the cocoa and cinnamon that reminds me of chocolate abuelita! 🙂